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Exanthia Villas

The most important virtue of Exanthia villas is their location. The apartments are located in a calm village in the northwest side of Lefkada, being a short distance away from the most well known beaches and some great attractions of the island. Moreover, our apartments are close to the city of Lefkada, making them the ideal spot for relaxing vacation combined with trips and excursions.
Another essential advantage of the apartments is the price/quality rate. In Exanthia villas we offer our guests a great deal of exceptional services and benefits in a particularly affordable and friendly price. Niki is always at your disposal for whatever you may need and you can consult her whenever you want for every matter that is related to your stay in our island!
Last but not least, a fundamental benefit of our island is its accessibility. Lefkada can be reached by car or bus driving over a pontoon bridge, which links it with Aetoloakarnania and Greek mainland. Consequently, not only it is not necessary for travellers to book airline or ferry tickets but also they gain independence, autonomy and time convenience

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