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Description & Facilities

Villa Senecio lies in the place where the mountains meet the sea and where history & tradition meet the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

The villa is situated on a mountain in Northeastern Lefkas, among many olive trees (“liostassi” – olive grove as we say here in Lefkas) and offers a spectacular view of the sea. The area is called “Kontres” from the word kontri which in local dialect means big rock) At an altitude of 320m. you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the town, the canal of Lefkas and the beautiful Pringiponisa (Prince’s islands) which include the well-known Scorpios.

It is built with natural materials such as stone, wood and a traditional roof so it blends in beautifully with the natural environment. It will offer you the Lefkadian hospitality and the warmth of a simple house but at the same time all the modern facilities of a mansion.

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