Mojo House


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Description & Facilities

Located in Asprogerakata, in the center of Lefkada island, Mojo House offers a serene and peacefull stay for its visitors. 
Both upper and lower Apartment were fully renovated from scratch in the early 2017 in order to provide you the top quality of accommodation during your holidays.

Each Apartment has its own outdoor space
The upper Apartment has a big balcony with a marble table+two (2) wooden benches and two (2) deck chairs.
The lower Apartment has a backyard and a frontyard, with three (3) marble round tables+chairs and a wooden bench.

Mojo Apartments are located in the center of the island of Lefkada, giving you the choice of either visiting mountainous Lefkas (Karua village, Eglouvi village etc) or the island’s left side marvelous beaches (Egremnoi, Kathisma, Agios Nikitas, Porto Katsiki etc) or even the purely tourist places at the right side of the island (Nikiana, Nudri, Vasiliki etc).

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