Description & Facilities

Villa Corina is just two kilometers away from the town of Lefkada with a view on the whole town, the green olive grove which surrounds the town and beyond this to the Ionian Sea. The visitor can enjoy from the balcony of the villa, the view of the bridge which connects the island to the mainland, the fort of Santa Maura, the sublime beauty of nature from the Gyra beach to Ai Yiannis beach which looks out over the Ionian Sea. The flats are ideal for couples as well as families. The prices are reasonable. Each flat is 50 square metres in area and consists of two rooms. The inside of the flats is luxurious and fully furnished. The floors, the doors and the windows are of the wood of fine quality named iroko which forms impressive, hospitable atmosphere. In each flat there is a TV set, air-condition, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

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