Iliaktida (Sunray)


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Description & Facilities

Five studios villas full equipped, air conditioned, single floor and beautifully furnished near by Ag-Ioannis beach in Lefkada.

‘In glory Helios comes down to earth glowing with life and joy.

The gods of Greek mythology often used to descend and play a part in the lives of the mortals that so consumed them, but there is no record of these gods having a dwelling apart from cloud-shrouded Olympus, but if Apollo the Sun god had decided to build himself a home on earth then this may have been it. Iliaktida meaning ‘Suns Rays’, make up this unique and superb accommodation of five villa-rooms that sit amidst ancient, gnarled Olive trees set in the splendour of the sun. Each villa is situated at the point of a pentagonal swimming pool that mirrors the cerulean blue of the sky, so one might be forgiven for believing that the sun god had settled on earth in this stunning, ancient glade of green.

You have but to walk out onto the mosaic tile surround to take a dip at any time you wish, and laze and listen to the hum of bees collecting pollen from the flowers to feel your very soul expand and view at a certain time of the year a myriad of flamingos and swans appear as if the sunset clouds had settled on the water. This idyll is designed to be the perfect location for couples of eighteen years or more.

There are single-floor air-conditioned villa-rooms and air-conditioned studio-villas with separate bedroom.All are beautifull furnished by owners Teta and Andreas to create the flavour of this more exotic part of the world. The facilities are excellent and for those of you wishing to self cater everything is provided.

Of course the sea is never very far on Lefkas and here it is just a four-minute drive to the seemingly endless white beach of Agios Ioannis, with its gloriously coloured water of blues and greens. Lefkas Town is about five minutes in the opposite direction or you may want to take advantage of the bicycles provided to meander through the shady lanes or across the long stretch of causeway.

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